Thursday, July 19, 2012

Java Web Start Issue: Unable to load resource

So the problem here is you are trying to load a java web start application piece and it aborts every time; and the error which is shown Unable to load resource: at Source) at Source)
clearly indicates that the issue is occurring due to network connection settings...

This one kept me guessing for a couple of days as I thought Google won't be of big help (I know, my bad!!!)
I tried with almost every possible combination of network connection settings but no joy :(

Finally an old friend Stack Overflow came to rescue... and the solution was simple enough...

Modify the way java connects to internet... and that is not what is defined in your internet settings... 
what you need to do is 
A. Locate javacpl.exe in JRE_HOME ( trust me this is the way, if you are Windows 7)
B. Modify the network connection as direct connection and try again!!! 

You won't need to google for the solution again ( i hope...)!!!

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